Pre-Employment & Due Diligence Background Screening



   Studies suggest a substantial number of employment applications and curriculum vitae contain false or fraudulent information in some material respect.  Recent estimates suggest Canadian corporations lose more than $20 billion per annum to theft, embezzlement, absenteeism due to substance abuse, and other dishonest or criminal activities among employees.  As of July 2000, Statistics Canada estimates suggest, of the 30,750,087 Canadian inhabitants, 2,600,994 men and 681,199 women - 10.7 % - had criminal records.  Subtract children from these numbers and the percentage of persons with criminal records becomes much higher. 

We could continue in this vain and discuss:

The new world we live in since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, and subsequent terrorist attacks and foiled attempts.
The rapidly growing phenomenon of identity theft, in which close to 5 % of the North Americans are victimized each year, and which often provides a basis for impersonation and fraudulent employment and other unlawful activity.
The problems of workplace harassment and violence, aggressive behavior, theft of confidential information, etcetera.


Believe you get the picture. 

   Do you really know who you’re hiring, promoting, financing, merging, investing, partnering and/or doing business with?  The importance of conducting proper background pre-employment and due diligence screening, as an effective risk management tool, has never been more important than it is today.

RN Nielsen + Company Inc. provide a full range of cost effective background screening services, including;

Criminal Record Searches
Media Searches
Vehicle and Driver License Abstracts
Civil Court Searches
Financial History Investigations
Reference & CV Confirmation Information
Land Title Searches
Lien Searches





   We have several pre-employment and due diligence screening packages available, or would be pleased to customize one to fit your organizations specific requirements.  Costs of the packages vary based on the type of services required, volume, and turn around time requested, style of reporting selected, geographic location of the searches requested and any unique specific information requirements.  We invite you to contact us for more information on our packages and to obtain the necessary authorization and consent release forms.