Family Law Services


   Family and Domestic Personal Investigations often present unique challenges.  Unlike our Legal, Corporate and Insurance clients, many clients that retain us to assist them with their personal or family problems often have had little or no prior dealings with private investigators, and/or knowledge of our industry.  Often, they don’t know where to turn for help with their problems, are unsure if they are doing the ‘right’ thing and contact us on the advice of a friend, usually as a last resort.  We recognize this is often a highly stressful period in many of these clients lives, and at some point, we all need help. 

   RN Nielsen + Company have significant experience in helping such clients resolve their problems.  We have an excellent network of resource contacts and offer a wide range of investigative solutions to help our clients find the answers they seek. 

   You will speak with an experienced investigator who will take the time to explain the options and realistic potential outcomes.  Our services are competitively priced and completely private and confidential.  There is no charge for your initial investigative consultation.  Our goal is to help you resolve your dilemma in the most cost effective manner possible.  Upon obtaining the facts, we will devise an appropriate investigative strategy.  You will be supplied with an upfront realistic budget for the proposed assignment.  We will strive to work within the assigned budget, which will not be exceeded without prior authorization.  You will receive regular progress updates throughout the investigation.  Unless you are represented by a lawyer or referred to us by one of our existing regular clients, we will require an appropriate retainer prior to commencement of the investigation.  We like to think we’re in the people helping and problem solving business.  However, if we feel we can not realistically help you, we will advise you of this and need be may suggest alternate options you might consider.

Our areas of expertise include:

Discrete Surveillance
Family Law Disputes
Estate Litigation
Custody/Fitness Investigations
Financial Enquiries
Asset Identification
Forensic Paternity (DNA Testing)
Stalking/Intimidation/Sexual Harassment Investigations
Infidelity Investigations
Locate Investigations