Surveillance and Intelligence


   Effective surveillance is a useful investigative tool and often challenging indeed. RN Nielsen + Company Inc. investigators are seasoned surveillance specialist. We are trained in the art of surveillance and intelligence gathering. We are fully equipped with appropriate surveillance vehicles and state of the art photographic and video equipment to ensure we get the results our clients seek. Our investigators conduct their observations in a discrete professional manner and adhere to the highest ethical standards. Our clients are provided with detailed reports of our observations and findings and ample quality video and photographic evidence, provided in DVD and/or VHS format. Our investigative reports are among the best in the industry. They are tailored to our clients requirements, prepared for court purposes and contain real intelligence. We provide surveillance services and activity checks for a wide range of investigative applications. Some of the more common include:

Motor Vehicle Accident Personal Injury Claims
Life & Health Insurance Carrier Disability Claims
Workplace  Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) Claims
Employee Theft & Dishonesty
Workplace Drug & Alcohol Abuse
Asset Protection
Competitive Intelligence
Contractual Breaches
Conflict of Interest
Domestic & Family Law Support
DNA Voluntary Discard Recovery




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